About Us

SightTech was founded in July 2011 with the ideology of providing advanced products (software/hardware) and services to veterans and civilians within the visually impaired, foreign language community and educational system. These products and services are being developed to assist in the utilization of Apple technology; subsequently – providing a better quality of life for each individual user.

SightTech has established itself as a cutting edge, formidable solutions company for Apple products within the realm of app development, product design, training and installation. We are diligently committed to research and development in our quest to deliver advanced products and applications that will ultimately become alternatives to traditional, single-function technologies.

SightTech products, services, training and installation are poised to realize multi-segment growth nationally and internationally while meeting the needs of veterans and civilians from all walks of life.

Our Vision

SightTech was founded in 2011 with three objectives:

  • To implement cutting-edge technology training along with product and app development solutions that can be applied to assisting individuals with vision impairments throughout the world.
  • To standardize excellence in the deployment and utilization of assistive technology.
  • To ensure a better quality of life to those in need.


SightTech’s mission is to create and fortify the most technologically advanced solutions within training, product and app development for the visually impaired, educational and foreign language communities

Our goal is to be recognized as well as to service government agencies, private institutions and citizens in need of support from a local and global perspective.

Looking forward — SightTech will continue its prowess in research and development while delivering products and services that will bridge the gap between accessibility technology and human beings.

Why SightTech?

The SightTech business model is customized to address specific needs and opportunities that exist within the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC) and the visually impaired community. SightTech has a range of services that accommodate both end-users and facilitators for proper issuing/training of iDevices, PCs and related apps/accessories.

Assistive medical devices and software are used to improve the quality of life for those with visual impairments. In addition; SightTech will move forward in engineering and designing hardware for a seamless user experience. The company has successfully developed and will continue to develop assistive apps.

SightTech is committed to research, development, training and consultation while continuously upgrading services and programs on a national and international scale.

Our Comprehensive and Customizable Solutions:

Field Service

  • Purchase, delivery, set-up, training and repair.
  • Trouble shoot and/or repair any PC or Apple product.
  • Accessibility devices knowledge including but not limited to CCTVs, VictorStream, Milestone and Bard.
  • Thorough and detailed CAT assessments.
  • VoiceOver specialist for Apple iOS and OS X.

Value Added Reseller

SightTech is a Value Added Reseller and Systems Integrator that facilitates the software and computing needs for the VAMC and commercial entities. A segment of our added value stems from our professional services which entails integrating, customizing, consulting, training and implementation.

Our company is committed to providing top of the line support, products and services, while empowering organizations with high-end solutions that correspond with our reasonable pricing.

SightTech has developed a vast range of manufacturer-direct relationships as well as solidifying strong partnerships within the software and hardware supply channels.

  • PCs have standard 3 year hardware plus accidental warranty with next day class business support.
  • Partnership with Certified Apple Reseller: iPads, iPhones, iMacs and Apple Accessories.
  • Licensed partner for AVG Antivirus, Freedom Scientific, AiSquared, Dell, VM Ware, Symantec, and Microsoft.
  • VoiceOver specialists for Apple iOS and OS X.

Certified PKI Encrypted Emails Remote Support

Allows for direct communication with VAMC employees in conjunction with the VAMC’s own encrypted email service, and facilitates faster communication without having to rely on faxes and phone calls.

Access to Real Time PO Status

The ability to get updates allowing vendors and VAMC team members time tracking of patient’s progress.

Remote Support

  • Secure and Encrypted (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Fast and efficient: ideal for software updates, expired antivirus, troubleshooting and virus removal.
  • Extremely cost effectiveThe SightTech “Quality of Life Enhancement Business Model” is successfully assisting veterans throughout the US.

For additional information regarding your VIST program, please contact us by phone at (855) 99-SIGHT or by email at info@sighttech.com


SightTech offers more than expert accessibility product recommendations. We specialize in hands-on training services of Apple products with an emphasis on iOS devices and VoiceOver.

In-Home Setup & Training

SightTech presently offers expert in-home Computer Assistive Training (CAT) throughout the US. When you purchase products through SightTech, you can rely on expedited delivery, along with professional installation and configuration. We will gladly assist with the setup of user preferences, email addresses, iTunes accounts as well as various other technological needs.


SightTech offers seminar training sessions for groups of all sizes. The sessions are geared towards improving and assisting educators with updated and advanced knowledge of new accessibility technology.

Seminars are customized and can be held online or hands-on in your preferred setting. Sessions can be designed as crash-courses or extended to cover information over several weeks.


SightTech offers comprehensive and seamless consultation when facing the challenges of facilitating the needs of the visually impaired. Our “Quality of Life Enhancement Business Model,” can be customized to coincide with the ambitions of a major medical institution or organization looking to service their visually impaired client’s: On an adverse spectrum; SightTech can provide unique consultation for a single individual with additional personalized request.

The key components to our “enriching lives” process are:

  • Needs assessment
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Operations

These pertinent elements play a major contributor in growing a solid infrastructure as well solidifying a discipline that will introduce proper technological training, relationship building, and customer service awareness.

SightTech’s consultation will instill a passion in all facilitators in quest of improving the quality of life and making a positive difference in the world of the visually impaired.

For additional information about SightTech solutions, contact us directly by phone at (855) 99-SIGHT or by email at info@sighttech.com


EyeSight Pro was developed for users with visual impairments to be the most intuitive magnification and color enhancement tool in iOS history. Now, with the addition of OCR, EyeSight can recognize and read text out loud to you!

Designed to utilize the latest Apple technology, EyeSight supports magnification up to 12X along with many predefined and custom color contrast combinations to suit your individual preferences. When EyeSight is used in conjunction with a table-top stand, your iPad becomes the equivalent of a CCTV. EyeSight also supports many hand gestures, device rotation locking, adjustable LED lighting, saving images, internet browsing, speech assistance, the ability to easily invert foreground and background colors, and much more!

Utilizing EyeSight makes one thing especially clear: old, single function, hand-held magnifiers and CCTV's are finally a thing of the past!

EyeSight supports the following features:

  • OCR (Reads printed text out loud!)
  • Predefined and custom color contrasts
  • Speech assistance
  • Magnification up to 12x
  • Rotation locking
  • Invert contrast colors
  • Advanced hand gestures
  • Save and view images with contrast
  • Internet browser with text enhancement
  • Support for English and Spanish
  • Narrated user guide
  • Apple AirPlay mirroring
  • and much more!

EyeSight FAQ

What devices are compatible with EyeSight?

Currently, EyeSight is compatible with iOS devices only.
For best results, use EyeSight in conjunction with the following:

  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / or newer
  • iPad Air / mini 4 / Pro / or newer

What stand do you recommend using?

For iPads, we currently recommend the Justand. Several variants are available, including portable and tall versions.

For iPhones, the Fopydo SmartStand and scanJig Pro are both good options.

How do I enable Apple AirPlay?

To enable AirPlay mirroring on your device, please refer to the instructions on Apple’s website-

Do you participate in Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program?

Yes, educational institutes and businesses can get EyeSight at a discounted rate when purchasing in volume.

How can I get the best results with OCR?

To get the best accuracy from OCR, make sure you do the following:

  • Only use OCR with clear, printed text.
  • Point your device's camera straight at the text. Avoid angles or tilting as much as possible.
  • Scan a paragraph or less of text at a time. Large areas take longer to process, and may not be as accurate.
  • Avoid scanning anything that isn't text. Images, page creases, document edges, and other non-text items can cause a decrease in accuracy.
  • Keep an even lighting. Avoid creating shadows over the text if possible.

I purchased the EyeSight app by mistake. Is it possible to get a refund?

Yes. However, Apple assesses and approves all refund decisions. Here is the link to refund app purchases made through iTunes or the App Store:

How do I report a bug?

We do our best to fix any bugs. If you find anything that we've missed, please email us at- info@sighttech.com

Please note that we are unable to directly respond to emails, but we will review any reported bugs.

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